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From the beginning it has been our intent to offer high-quality therapies and group activities to help people make their own choices and find their own way in their personal growth and healing process. We select therapists, teachers, and activities which are inclusive, client-oriented, and holistic in approach. We believe that there are many possible paths towards healing and spiritual awareness, hence we accept only those into Aurora which we feel actively support individual empowerment, raise consciousness, and genuinely help people learn to heal themselves and to realize their own unique potential.

In our view it is essential for spiritual awareness to be grounded in our daily life and to express itself in all our relations - within ourselves, with each other, with society, and with the earth.

Aurora is also interested in building bridges between the regular health care system (i.e. the medical world) and what is sometimes referred to as alternative medicine or natural health care. We hope to play an increasingly active role in the process of creating more understanding between these often separate worlds, by introducing both practitioners and the public to the beneficial effects of a holistic and self-empowering approach to health. In fact, we see holistic health care as complementary to regular medicine and believe it has an important part to play in the health care of the future.


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