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BREEMA® - Finding a new relationship with bodywork

by Shaun Whatling

Breema allegedly takes its roots from a form of Kurdish bodywork - or maybe it was Turkish - the truth is, no one knows. What we can say is that Breema has been re-thought, refined and re-born in Oakland, California.

The Oakland-based Breema Institute has created a form of bodywork which, at first sight, appears to be a fusion of many familiar elements: Thai, Shiatsu and energy medicine techniques. It includes harmonious movements, gentle stretches, gradual leaning, rhythmic brushing and nurturing tapping. On closer examination, it embodies timeless principles which have applications far beyond bodywork.

As a form of bodywork, Breema is unique in directing the majority of its attention on the "giver". In fact, the traditional distinction of "giver" and "receiver" finds little part in Breema. One of Breema’s nine principles places the comfort of the "giver" at the heart of practice. Only when the "giver" is truly comfortable can the "receiver" fully experience. Bodywork becomes a paradigm and a model for living.

Of direct relevance to any practitioner struggling with the dynamic of "giving" too much, Breema will also hold immediate appeal to practioners of Thai massage or Shiatsu. But Breema is of equal value to anyone wanting to explore their relationship with themselves through the body in a gentle, relaxing but subtly challenging environment.

American by birth, global by nature, Jonathan Staggers has been a professional athlete, actor and youth counsellor, He has taught goal-setting and self-esteem, meditation and relaxation classes in environments including schools, universities, jails, crisis centres and corporate gyms. A deeply spiritual man with an impish sense of humour, Jonathan is certified by The Breema Institute and has taught Breema in America and many European countries, holding an annual workshop at the Findhorn Institute in Scotland.

Jonathan describes Breema as the Art of Being Present, leading us from imaginary separation towards the experience of unity - within our body, mind and feelings, our environment, other people and all life.

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