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CROSSING OVER: Helping my brother's ghost

by Gail Raborn, CHT.

A huge grove of eucalyptus trees shaded my group from the hot summer’s sun that day in l973, as I attended the last hour of a natural healing course in Berkeley, California. I felt spacey, detached, hearing the droning of the bees more clearly than the voice of my teacher as I stood holding sweaty hands with another woman in our circle. We were learning how to do "absent healing."

"Picture a loved one who needs healing," she said. "Ask them what they need and open yourself to the reply. Trust the first answer you get; then open your Heart Chakra, and send healing energy to them."

My mind drifted sleepily as I thought to myself this was a waste of time; I knew no-one who needed healing. Suddenly, I woke from my reverie with my brother Marty’s voice loud and insistent in my ears, and a feeling of his presence above my head, off to the left. But he’d died in a terrible car wreck ten years before! When I’d met his ghost at his memorial service at that time, he’d been content that his life was over. It had not been a happy life for him. A difficult, prickly man with a razor wit, he was quick with sarcasm, yet loveable. What was he doing here now, I thought?

"I need your help, Gail!" he said, with an urgency thinly veiling fear. I dismissed his voice, pushing it out of my head, sure his spirit had long ago left the earth plane, and that my imagination was simply over-active. "I am not your imagination, sister," Marty said crossly. "I need your help NOW, so stop woolgathering and help me!" He was so typically undiplomatic, I was sure his voice was real. And that he was in big trouble. So I talked with him in my mind, non-verbally, afraid to speak out loud for fear the others in my healing group would think I was nuts.

"What’s wrong, Marty?" I asked.

"I’m stuck," he replied, "and if you don’t help me, I might be stuck forever. Do you love me, do you believe in me? Do you believe I have the power to cross over into the next world? Do I deserve it?”

"Of course," I answered, totally confused. "But what’s going on? Aren’t there angels who can help you? Why ask me for help? Help with what? Where are you stuck? And why?”

He answered angrily that there was no time for explanation, but that he was in a great hurry. "If you love me, send love energy to me NOW, along with your faith that I have the power I need to do this – and your belief I am a good person, that I deserve to do what I’m trying to do. And don’t ask any more questions!"

Marty sounded so upset,I thought it best to shut my mouth and follow instructions. After all, I thought pragmatically, if this indeed was the voice of my dead brother, I’d be making a terrible mistake by not honoring his request. Concentrating on the feeling of Marty’s presence hovering over my head, I imagined love as a radiant light beam streaming through me, into his spirit. I affirmed he had all the power he needed: to do exactly what, I had no idea. For the next ten minutes, I focused on sending healing to my dead brother’s spirit - until suddenly, like a puff of smoke, Marty’s energy and voice were gone.

As the healing circle finished, and everyone began leaving from home, I stood alone, confused, doubting my experience. Suddenly, a tall man in a suit and horn rimmed glasses stood before me, smiling. I’d seen him in the group, but had never met him.

“Good work,” he said. “I apologize for invading your privacy, but I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation with your dead brother. And I saw his spirit hovering above your head. You did exactly what he needed!”

He went on to explain he was a clairvoyant who specialized in helping spirits “cross over” from the earth into the spirit realm. Then he repeated word for word the conversation I’d just had with my brother’s ghost. Stunned, I insisted he join me for coffee, to explain the experience I’d gone through.

During the next two hours, this amazing man explained that my brother had gotten stuck between worlds, that Marty couldn’t allow his angels to guide him away from the earth realm after his death, because he was filled with too much self-hatred. He felt unworthy to enter "heaven." Through my faith in my brother’s power, goodness, and value, I gave him the energetic push he needed to cross over from this plane of existence to the next.

"What happened after I helped him?" I asked. The clairvoyant beamed, and said, "Because of you, Marty was able to reach out to his spirit helpers. He’s "crossed over" now into the place you know as heaven. There, he’ll rest, learn, and grow from the life he just completed. When ready, he’ll reincarnate. Without your help, he could have been stuck for centuries in the isolated, painful place Catholics call "limbo”.

Later, I learned that throughout the ages, many cultures have created rituals of release and support for those who die, to help them on their journey through the realms between heaven and earth. So remember: when your life is touched by the death of a loved one (or a beloved pet), you can help them with your love and prayers, to "cross over.”

GAIL RABORN, CHT: I am a Psycho-Spiritual Therapist/Hypnotherapist who offers healing and therapy sessions by telephone, as well as in my office. I lived and worked as a psychotherapist and workshop leader in Holland for 12 years; now, I live in Taos, New Mexico, USA. Ask Lynne de Jong-Decker about me; she knows my work well. Or see my website:

I plan to give a workshop at Aurora sometime in 2005, probably on how to deal with ghosts, entities and other lower astral beings. Please contact me if you’re interested in this workshop.

For a free introduction about my work, call me from Holland at:
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Telephone Sessions: cost $70.00 (American dollars) pre-paid by bank check, postal money order, or American Express money order; sessions last 1 1/4 hours. Write me at:

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