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Reflexology & Healing:
Sessions from the heart
with Tomer Segal

Foot reflexology is based upon the principle that there is a reflected map of the physical, mental, and energy bodies on the feet.

The therapist diagnoses conditions related to specific points on our feet. While massaging and pressing the feet, the organs of the body are stimulated both physically and energetically. Reflexology helps to restore the energy flow between our organs and our body and has a cleansing and balancing effect upon our whole being. This process helps the body to heal itself.

Tomer combines reflexology treatments with profound and loving healing in order to increase your vitality and support you in the process of living a more full and healthy life.

Reflexology is an effective treatment for many kinds of problems and symptoms, including general or chronic aches and pains, stress, depression, PMS, migraine, digestive problems; disorders of the urinary system, lymphatic system, immune system, nervous system; hormonal disorders (endocrine system), diabetes, and more.

It is also helpful for emotional issues such as love, disappointments, impotence and frigidity.

Each session is very relaxing and can help to restore lost energy.

Tomer Segal is a holistic therapist specialized in Reflexology and Profound Healing since 1993. He has trained in aroma therapy, different forms of massage and Feng Shui. He graduated from and initiated at the Golden Ray School for Self Realization (in Spain). He is also a graduate of the Netiv Hamaalot School for Esoteric Knowledge. He is a Spiritual Human Yoga and Universal Energy Teacher, a Reiki Master and teacher. Since 1996 he has been guiding groups in meditations. In 1999 he established the Universal Light Energy methods and teaching. Since 1998 he also teaches alternative education methods for school management, staff, and students in dealing with stress, violence and drugs.


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When the current Aurora Center on the Herengracht closes, this activity will be taking place elsewhere. For information and appointments, please contact the therapist directly.

€50 for 1 hour

Information & appointments:
Tomer Segal,

tel. 06 - 43 18 48 49



Consulten ook mogelijk in Nederlands.

Tomer also teaches reflexology. Please feel free to ask about his courses & workshops.