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with Nancy Froeling

Physical complaints reflect what is happening in your life. If you are experiencing tension or stress, and it is persistent or of sufficient intensity, it will manifest itself physically. Accordingly, when you remove stress from your consciousness, you also remove it from your body. Your body, consciousness, and life return to their natural state of harmony and balance.

In a Chakra healing, Nancy lightly touches the chakras, or energy centers, restoring balance to your energy system. This allows you to release the physical symptoms and return to a true state of harmony. The feedback Nancy provides after a healing enables you to understand the cause of your symptoms and helps you make better choices to avoid similar problems in the future.

Nancy Froeling studied healing with Martin Brofman and Lou Verstegen, and she organizes self-help healing and vision improvement workshops. Nancy has a private practice for individual healing and coaching sessions. She also applies her skills in the business world through her consulting firm.

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When the current Aurora Center on the Herengracht closes at the end of June, this activity will be taking place elsewhere. For information and appointments, please contact the therapist.



€60 (incl.btw) intake /1 hour consultation

€100 (incl.btw) 1.5 hour consultation

€145 (incl.btw) 2 - 2.5 hour consultation

€225 (excl.btw) consultation for companies

NB telephone consultation €30 per 30 min

Information & appointments:
Tel. 038 - 460 4509