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with Ivonne Zijlstra


Homeopathy is a branch of medical science founded by Dr. C.S.F. Hahnemann (1755-1843). The basic principle is that health and healing come from within, and so disease can be cured by stimulating the body's self-defense mechanism.

The appropriate homeopathic remedy is chosen by resonance: "like cures like". The greater the resemblance between ailment and remedy, the better the response of the inner healing power will be.

In order to find the correct remedy, the classical homeopath gathers information in the intake interview about medical and personal history, important life events, as well as highly individual responses and habits, creating as complete a picture of the person and their complaints as possible.

Ivonne Zijlstra was trained at the Dutch College for Natural Medicine in Hilversum. She also works as a registered nurse in a general hospital.





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When the current Aurora Center on the Herengracht closes, this activity will be taking place elsewhere. For information and appointments, please contact the therapist directly.



• first consultation (1 1/2 hrs.) €87.50

• follow-up consultation (max. 1 hour)
  €19 per 15 minutes (€76 per hour)

Fees include homeopathic medicines.

Information & appointments:
Ivonne Zijlstra, tel. 020 - 643 8104.

Homeopathic treatment is covered by
most insurance companies here.