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Embracing Change & Growth

PEAT: A Transformative Technique

with Nathan Grozaj

PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence) offers an integrative approach to embracing change and growth. It can result in therapeutic release of emotional and mental suffering, as well as assist in one’s physical healing process. It may be utilized for tangible goal achievement as well as for spiritual development.

Working with Duality in Everyday Life

From a state of oneness, of unity, we enter the world of duality. The interplay of light and dark creates experience, learning and sharing.

The PEAT processor works directly with the client's experience of duality, acknowledging the opposing forces that give rise to his or her experience. Every goal, every conflict is accepted and allowed, as it is all a vital part of the tension and flux of polarities between the observer and the thing observed.

PEAT allows one to distill a challenging situation down to the structure that supports it - the polar opposites. Focusing on the polarities, not the story of the experience, helps us become acquainted with the underlying dynamics. Next, running the PEAT process integrates the tension between the opposites, resuting in the experience of a state of ease. We refer to this as a "pleroma" state. Pleroma is greek for "grace of God". It is a state of being in which all discomfort, mental and emotional anguish is released.

Individual Coaching Sessions

In indiviual PEAT Processing, we will eventually discover not only the root cause of your current problem, but after several sessions, we will very likely uncover the polar opposites that are uniquely supporting your experience in Duality. In PEAT we refer to these 2 polar opposites as your Primordial Polarities or your Primes. In these sessions, my intention is for you to work on and to achieve success on all levels of your being - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Nathan Grozaj, PEAT processor and energy therapist, comes originally from Croatia, and is now living and working in Amsterdam, where he is available for consultations and workshops. He has been studying spiritual methods for the last 18 years, beginning with Enlightenment Intensive and Gnostic Intensive, followed by prolonged periods of meditation and search for the inner life.

Nathan has been trained and authorized by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski in Spiritual Technology, energy psychology methods that are going to be presented here, such as Peat, DP-4, Past-future rundown,

Nathan: "These techniques have had a deep impact upon my own daily life. I continue to work, both on myself and with my clients, to find more effective ways of clearing the path towards a Oneness consciousness."



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